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Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 06:48:35 -0700
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jack taylor made everything in house, so yes, norman did the brazing (most likely - during the 50s when they had a lot of apprentices, someone else might have, or early on, before theyd split things up into norman - brazing/jack - paint/ken - build, all three brothers did all of the jobs)

this isnt the littlest taylor, though - there was the 12" wheel Bambino, the 16" wheel Junior Racing (which this bike is), the 24" wheel Junior and the 26" wheel Junior Sports...

ive got a Bambino, and it was definitely put together by Norman. fillet all the way...


At 06:09 -0700 09.16.2006, Don Wilson wrote:
>For the little Jackie in all of us. I wonder if our
>Angleterre members can tell us if JT made these in
>house. If so, did Norman do the fillet brazing? And
>is that the shortest quill ever? :-)
>Don Wilson
>Los Olivos, CA USA
>D.C. Wilson
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