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Hi Dale,

Glad to hear it is of interest, I am really excited about it. The event is held July 6th through 8th and Sonoma is about 45 minutes east of San Francisco in Northern California. We are in the heart of the wine valley, but very close to everything...4 hours from Tahoe, 1 hour plus to Sacramento, San Jose is about 1.5 hour's away. My be just the right timing to get away for the holiday weekend.

Speaking of lug, another thing I am trying to arrange is having a having a frame builder at the event who is on property building frames so that the spectators get a chance to see how a frame is put together. I know logistics might be tough, but I am working on it. And the requested style has been a lug frame.

Great to hear from you!

Hannah Philbin


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<<...Supercuts Vintage Concourse ...>>

Hi Hannah!

Does this title refer to the lugs on the bikes to be displayed?

(That's supposed to be a joke! I assume that must refer to a sponsor?)

In any case, that sounds like a neat idea and a great added interest for your event ... Can you tell us the projected date for this? Also, for those of us in other parts of the world, where is Sonoma? North, south, near...?

Thanks & best of luck, Dale

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina USA

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Dear All,

For the past three years the Infineon Cougar Mountain Classic (downhill, cross country and road race) held at Infineon Raceway in beautiful Sonoma California has hosted a Vintage Bike Concourse to promote and celebrate this festival of cycling. In the past, local efforts have supported this feature of the event and it has proven a favorite for both athletes and spectators alike.

This year we are taking the concourse one step further with the insight, inventory and involvement of vintage cycling experts like you. We are interested in finding passionate, knowledgeable groups to come to Sonoma with energy, bikes and knowledge to help host the event and have a great time celebrating cycling of yesterday and today. We will also have a bike swap close by and would love to include cycling art and exhibitions of cycling memorabilia.

I look forward to hearing any thoughts or ideas for this years Supercuts Vintage Concourse so please feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning more or send this message along if know someone you think might be interested. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hannah Philbin

CMC Coordinator

Infineon Raceway

(707) 933-3429 direct

(707) 938-8430 fax <javascript:parent.ComposeTo(>


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