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Hey guys: Is Tyresaver the liquid latex sidewall stuff? Are tire savers the little gizmos get attached over the tire tread to flick off anything that sticks in the tire on the first rev up?
Ted Ernst
Palos Verdes Estates

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>>What is "tire saver"? How is it used on tubular tires and where can it
>>be purchased?
>>Thanks for the help.
>>George Hollenberg MD
>>(CT, USA)
> The "tire saver" is one of the greatest hoaxes in cycling./ I all the
> years I
> rode on sewups I don't think they ever saved one flat. The classic tire
> saver-a piece of rounded wire with a couple of plastic tubes pressing it
> against
> the-tire is incapable of exerting enough force to remove a grain of sand,
> much
> less the ubiquitous "flint."
> Phil Brown
> They never worked in San Rafael, Calif.
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