Re: [CR]Rim Corks - ever see these before?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Rim Corks - ever see these before?
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 18:23:37 -0700

Rim corks: FYI....

Are you all new to bike racing? Sorry I didn't mean that.

Corks were used by those who knew how to build racing wheels for serious stage races. More glue surface, pressure on the ends of the spokes/nipples to help keep things tight, used with real rims (GP4 & SSC), tied and soldered, yielded a solid racing wheel. The only glue back in the day was Clement red. One or two coats on the prepared rim, and one on the prepared tire. Serious stage race wheels! Also, really great for a Yellow Fiamme (pre-ergal (sp?)) 28 hole crit wheel.

I still have a box or two of corks. Damn, those were wheels!

Don't get me started on lacing patterns, etc!

Andy Bohlmann

Colorado Springs, CO

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Subject: [CR]Rim Corks - ever see these before?

> Small corks designed to plug up the spoke holes on tubular rims. First
> time I ever see these. They are both cute and cool ;)
> Item number: 160091243688
> What exactly is the purpose of these? The description says to prevent
> glue from going into the spoke holes, but you don't really need the corks
> to prevent that. You just apply the glue between the holes. And if you
> were to get glue on the little corks...imagine what a pain it would be to
> remove them from your tire when you pull it off the rim! You'd probably
> end up with bits of cork all around your tire - Oh the horror, the horror!
> Ray Dobbins
> Miami FL USA