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Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2007 16:03:18 -0600
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I think modern wheels have pretty much debunked the myth that more spokes = stronger wheel. I've yet to need to true my OT Campy modern marvels that are 24/28 (I think).

However, regarding traditional wheels, I've noticed that my old 32 holers required more trueing than my 36 holers. Less so with tubulars than clinchers, but that could be mileage related. I almost never break spokes, unless some a** sticks a pedal in my wheel. And I only weigh 135 pounds, give or take.

I don't race, but I do train with the local racers at race speeds often over crappy SoCal roads. I don't jump curbs, but can and often jump Grand Canyon sized potholes and other road debris while on said training rides at high speeds. At least I used to, up to about a year ago. Need to get back out there instead of typing on my computer. But work is like that.

Doland Cheung SoCal

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I hear these "if you are over xxx pounds", you should/should not ride xxxx wheels. I weigh 220 pounds. I ride 28, 32, and 36 spoke wheels with no problems with rims down to 280 grams. I have bikes with OT wheelsets that are super light, 20, 24 spoke. I've never had a problem with the wheels warping. I have broken a few spokes, although no more than a few in the past six years of riding. I haven't broken any in the past two years. I don't know whether that is out of line or not. I don't think the breakage was necessarily correlated to light rims, light spokes, or smaller numbers of spokes. I don't race. I don't jump curbs. I don't know whether this advice is based on actual empirical experience or whether it is carryover from company liability warnings, kind of like "don't ride your bike at night without a light" sort of butt covering. Just doesn't fit my experience. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL