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I have a fixture to drill 5 arm cranks (like old Campy Super Record) for a 74mm bolt circle. I can do it for a slight charge. Regards, Bruce Gordon Bruce Gordon Cycles

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A few observations and maybe a question.

The last 2 years I have ridden a triple Campy crankset at L'EROICA The first year I had Peter Johnson drill a crankarm to the 100 bcd which was used by the 36t chainring specifically made for this style triple (not to be confused with just adding a 3rd chainring at the 144 bcd level.) hardware was courtesy of Bicycle Classics (plus he helped with the spindle) thats a FREE PLUG by the way Last year I used a Jim Merz triplizer ring which uses a TA inner ( looks odd with a 6 pin chainring hiding behind a 5)advantage here is an almost infinite ratio availability. Downside is its a 42t, I think I used 50t/42t/35t . Jim Langley sold a fixture which either did a 100 bcd or a 94 (?) and unless you have a 36t Campy or know where one is I wonder if it might not be better to use a bcd which has a selection of chainrings currently available? Discussion on another list touched on (Yes,Chuck) Campys original use of a 151 bcd (the racers had all used 1/2 set ups so 44t was insanely low to them I am sure) of course the switch to 144 was probably done for our sake but just imagine if he adopted 110 or even 100 instead. This years L'EROICA bike may use something other than a Campy crankset

BOB FREITAS weatherman is calling for 80o today in MILL VALLEY,CA USA

I wonder which 5 cranks we would pick as best here,Chuck?
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