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Vintage Italian Racer

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56cm 1992 Italian made Atala; Top of the line bike produced by Atala, bought in Italy and brought back over. All Italian down to the tires. High-end NISI tubular rims with Ofmega hubs. 3ttt Bars & Stem , Saddle is a rare navy blue velvetine ( yes it's velvet) made by Selle Royal, Frame is Columbus special tubing, driver side rear stay chrome. Double Crank, Bottom Bracket, Head Set are Ofmega Linea which is their top of the line 90's product, is super strong. Derailluers are a rare pewter Campy Record only distributed in Italy, you won't find these on any bikes exported to the US. Cosmetics are excellent bike has less than 100 miles. $450
>From not the seller Charles nighbor walnut creek,