[CR]WTB: 20" or 18" tubular tires for old junior racing bike

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From: <FujiFish1@aol.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 16:09:34 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]WTB: 20" or 18" tubular tires for old junior racing bike

A friend is restoring an old European built junior racer that is equipped with either 20" or 18" tubular wheels. It was said to be an Eddy Merckx, but there are no indications in the rattle can respray it came with. Sheldon Brown writes at his site that small tires of this nature are very rare, and Harris doesn't sell tubulars, so I'm taking this request straight to the CR list. Where else can I find rare tires, but through this rare grouping of kind, generous individuals whose rare purpose is to hang onto special items, just to make them easily available when someone needs them. So nice of you all ... I'm sure my inbox will be overflowing with offers.

OK, reality ... might anyone have a set of these small tires available? I have one old wasted example with the bike, but the markings are long gone. The rims are standard 2cm+ width, and measure just over 19" (49cm) in diameter when going as best I can across the spokes and hubs, and 49" (150cm) in circumference with a tape around the middle of the glue bed. Is this an 18" or 20" rim, btw?

It would be a real bummer to have to change the wheels over to clincher, so any help or leads will be very much appreciated. Thanks...

Ciao, Mark Agree Southfield MI USA

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