Re: [CR]single-sided dual derailleur levers

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From: "Leonard Bulger" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]single-sided dual derailleur levers
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 19:30:33 -0400

Simplex made a front derailleur called a Juy 53 that used a drive cable on the drive side. It has a cute mechanism with a helical groove. Unfortunately it's really hard to adjust properly. The same bolt is used for fixing the derailleur in place, the side to side adjustment and the cage rotational adjustment.

Does the frame have a double cable stop on the chainstay? If so, it's probably supposed to use a Juy 543 in the back.

Leonard Bulger Marblehead, MA USA

Amir wrote:

Were single-sided dual derailleur levers such as Huret's Louison Bobet model (see designed only for rear derailleurs with push & pull cables

or were they designed for front & rear derailleurs?

I ask because one of my bikes has:

simplex dropouts (hanger has no threads) single sided lever braze-on with a long headless bolt dual cable pulley on drive side of bottom bracket

Did anybody make a cable operated front derailleur that had a drive side cable attachment?

Amir Avitzur near the national stadium, in Ramat-Gan Israel