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Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 10:56:33 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]ebay outing: cool Masi

Why is everyone ripping on John? If YOUR aunt sold a special bike that you had lusted after and cherished as a future heirloom, wouldn't you have asked who bought it? If the aunt said, "Oh, I sold it to """, around the corner.", wouldn't you ask her if there was any way to get it back? And if she was willing to call, even to spread on a little butter and tell the guy that family relations were strained, just to make the case a little stronger, wouldn't you let her? wouldn't you ASK her to call??? PLEEEEASE people, let he who would be without sin cast the first stone. We don't know all of the story, and we are not entitled to it. John may share more if he so desires, but why would he ... what, with a bunch of cackling hens all ready to crucify him without a trial, and without even knowing if an "crime" was committed? John didn't commit any crime. His aunt didn't commit any crime. And if the buyer agreed to nix the sale, regardless of how happy he was to do it or not, then the seller has not committed any crime.

I luv ya' all, including the pokers, but please, let's get back to "that's a cool Masi". This game of poking at the next sucker who feels comfortable enough to share with this group of supposedly such nice, kind people ... is irritating, and far from the type of fun vintage bike stuff we are here to read and share about.

Ciao, Mark (hasn't eaten yet today but can't stomach any more of this) Agree Southfield MI USA ~ ~ ~

Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 21:18:02 -0700 (PDT) From: Raymond Dobbins <> To: Walter Nash <>, classicrendezvous <> Subject: Re: [CR]ebay outing: cool Masi

Further to what Walter said, and in response to what Mike Kone asked, the consideration given by the buyer in this case was his promise to complete the deal. That is enough - you do not have to pay 1$ to make a contract enforceable.

Now a question for John Price, who I must say displays a startling aloofness to the ethical implications involved in his retrieval of the Masi heirloom": What kind of garage sales does your aunt hold? I've never heard of a garage sale where the seller collects the name and number of the buyers. Or was your aunt already familiar with the person who bought the bike at her "garage sale?" Did the garage sale buyer return the Masi for the same price he bought it? If so, I can only assume he was a personal friend of yours or your aunt's." But if not...if he received more than what he paid for the bike at the "garage sale," I have to mention the term "unlawful interference."

In any event, John, I hope you realize that your story clearly shows that you subverted a binding contract between the eBay buyer and seller, only to satisfy your fortuitous and belated realization (thanks only to the CR posts, not your own interest in the bike while it was in your aunt's possesion), that your aunt's Masi (not yours) was valuable. Your gloss-over that the eBay buyer is OK with this due to the circumstances, simply does not ring true. I am sure the eBay buyer is fairly upset at the eBay seller - and you as well, now that you outed yourself as the saboteur of the transaction. I do not know the eBay buyer, and I am not sure if he is a current CR member, but I believe several CR members know him, so I'm sure we will hear about his side of the story soon.

In conclusion, I have to say that I am flabbergasted that you told us about what you did.

Ray Dobbins Miami FL USA

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