Re: [CR]Was Odd Mavic headset now "JPR"

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From: "Ken Wehrenberg" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Was Odd Mavic headset now "JPR"
Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 19:30:35 -0500

Hugh Enox wrote:

BTW, I imported JPR seatposts, pedals, bag supports, bag mounts, cycle stands, low rider racks, chain holders, seat lug bolts, chain whips, and QR mounted "torch" holders in addition to the headsets.

Some pretty interesting stuff at the time. Blackburn sent a flunky over to snag a set of the low rider racks when he heard about them,

Hugh and list:

I purchased some chromed-finish lowered front and rear carriers from Wheelsmith in Palo Alto. The Alma Ave days if that helps time-wise. They were listed as JPR on my receipt. JPR was located in Grenoble, home of Rossignol skis, too. So, Dale, you are right: it is near some well known ski stations. Back in the '80s LeCycle did several articles on the eclectic production coming out of the Grenoble shop. I know I saved the pics as they were very intriguing. Tandems, lots of brazed fittings and parts, rando-type rigs, etc.

Ken Wehrenberg, Hermann, MO