Re: [CR] Terrot bike 54 cm.

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Date: Sat, 5 May 2007 11:12:07 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR] Terrot bike 54 cm.

In Lucien Hilger's book entitled Peugeot et le Cylisme, (Editions Saint-Paul, Luxembourg, 2004), he writes that Peugeot acquired Terrot in 1958

"En 1958 les <<Etablissements Terrot>>, fabricant de cycles et de motos, passant sous le controle d'INDENOR du groupe Peugeot."

However, on the same page 51, M. Hilger's book shows a graphic illustrating all of Peugeot's acquisitions, with Terrot joining Peugeot in 1959 (?).

By the end of 1961, Terrot production ceased, with Peugeot continuing to badge a portion of its own bikes as Terrots until 1970. Catalogs of the two marques are almost identical during this period.

"Arret de la production fin 1961, la marque TERROT est apposee sur des cycles et cyclemoteurs Peugeot jus-qu'en 1970. Les catalogues des deux marques etaient souvent les memes, comme ici en 1965."


Ian Kersey Williamsburg, VA USA

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