RE: [CR]WTB: 10-12cm 0.833 stem for old Schwinn

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Subject: RE: [CR]WTB: 10-12cm 0.833 stem for old Schwinn
Date: Sat, 5 May 2007 19:50:10 -0700
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.833 is also the same as 21.1mm. A lot of first generation mtb and BMX stems are that size, as are cruisers. Wald makes a butt ugly 21.1 stem- the #4, but there are others out there that would look prettier.

Tom Martin Oakland CA USA

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Howdy folks,

I need a longish stem for the Schwinn Super Sport commuter build I am going to do. The top tube is too long to use the Nitto moustache bars I am using now (would need a 6cm stem, too short for my taste). I am going to use flipped Nitto "albatross" north road style bars, which have much less reach. I would like to find an 11cm "S" stem like the ones that came on most of the 70s Schwinns. Anybody have one to spare? A 10cm would probably work and a 12 might be okay at the out end... Thanks in advance :^)

Doug Van Cleve
Chandler, AZ USA