RE: [CR]Go Ahead Bust Me - For Charity !

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From: "John Pergolizzi" <>
To: "'r cielec'" <>, "'Classic Rendezvous'" <>
Subject: RE: [CR]Go Ahead Bust Me - For Charity !
Date: Sat, 5 May 2007 22:28:27 -0700
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Richard Cielec wrote: "Ahoy ! The intent is to have a bit of fun and raise some money for the Charity Auction being held at the Cirque. For our slip-ups of the list rules - improper sign-off, not stating a sale price, Off Topic topic, etc..., instead of raising the wrath of the Listmeister, how about instead a slight fine, say three to five dollars, that would go to the Charity Auction? One would be on one's own honour to pay-up and no Inspector Javert like hounding of welchers. Just a bit of fun to raise some money for the charity. Send the money to John P - John is this OK with you ? Any thoughts ?

I'll even volunteer for the first "bust"."

   WOW, this is a GREAT idea! O.K. I'll take the bread. What about iffin it's RETROACTIVE? Say... since LAST CIRQUE? Or at least.....whatever , it's up to each of youse guys. With around a thousand folks on this list, at 5 bucks a pop, we would come very close to last years TOTAL of $6,500!
   So ALL guilty parties, those who have gaffed in the