Re: [CR]Still confused about Cinellis

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Date: Sun, 6 May 2007 16:36:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: "dave martinez" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Still confused about Cinellis
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Hello Harvey,

Interesting, I'm in sorta the same situation. Many years ago I purchased a used 1968 SC from Cupertino bike shop. I rode the hell of it, raced it, and experienced cycling bliss while courting my wife to be. At 53cm it always seemed too small, but with a 11.5 stem, 172.5 cranks and the saddle up, I got by. As humans, we're fairly adaptable. I eventually had the opportunity to trade for a larger, better fitting frame from the same time period. This frame does not have eyelets or any other fittings for fenders. I was seriously bummed, because I wanted a bike that I could transfer the fenders over to. I got over it. So this larger, 57cm Cinelli appears to be a late 60s with no fittings for fenders. I would speculate that since Cinelli would build to suit within reason. You know, some people didn't want headtube badges and Cinelli obliged.

Regards, Dave Martinez Fremont Ca US of A preparing a 1956 Cinelli mod b for l'eroica

Harvey Sachs <> wrote: This week, I bought a 1971 SC and sold what I have thought was a 1973 SC. The '73 was a 62 cm ctc, and the 71 is enough smaller to matter.

But, I do get confused. '71, which the original owner says he bought in 1971, does NOT have fender mount eyes on the front or rear dropouts, and it does not have the fender mount bosses on the bottm of the brake bridge or the back of the chainstay bridge.

The nominal 1973 has all of these eyes and bosses, which I thought were earlier. As far as I noticed, the lugs are identical. FWIW, both are the Cinelli silver, but the "1973" does not have down-tube Cinelli decals.

Anyone have a convincing yarn to spin? was maybe the "1973" somewhat older?

Or, where is the Bob Hovey of Cinellis? Is that you, Mark Bulgier? :-)

harvey sachs
mcLean va