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Subject: Re: [CR]Bondo Cinelli and Modolo speed limiters
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Dear Mr. Softley: I have carefully applied a magnet to my Laser-no bondo found. Please provide a photo of a Laser showing the use of bondo. Anecdotes are amusing but not convincing.
George Hollenberg MD

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From: "Greg S"
Date: Mon, 07 May 2007 09:00:00 -0000
Subject: [CR]Bondo Cinelli and Modolo speed limiters

> Hi Crew,

\r?\n> Once again some great entertainment! I'm chiming into this as I

\r?\n> have

\r?\n> Modolo Kronos on my CX and have a Laser circa 85. Firstly Mr

\r?\n> George MD,

\r?\n> fortunately you are a doctor as there will come a moment when

\r?\n> you need

\r?\n> the Kronos to work and they will crack inside.....happened to me

\r?\n> on an

\r?\n> emergency stop and I still bear the scars. Your professional

\r?\n> skills can

\r?\n> be used for self administration of emergency care.

\r?\n> I do admire your taste in classics though, the CX, Kronos and

\r?\n> Laser are

\r?\n> all examples of modern art in my opinion but please for the sake

\r?\n> of the

\r?\n> future health of the CR subscribers, don't recommend the Kronos

\r?\n> brakes -

\r?\n> only to people you need to seek revenge upon!

\r?\n> Did the 'magnet' test on the Laser and yes....bondo where the

\r?\n> tubes are

\r?\n> faired together. Thinking about it, realistically, how could

\r?\n> anyone

\r?\n> imagine that those tubes can be flowed together so seamlessly

\r?\n> without

\r?\n> the help of bondo? A metal pressing could achieve two halves,

\r?\n> but there

\r?\n> would still be a seam. There were a lot of different styles of

\r?\n> Lasers

\r?\n> made so I imagine there would be as many different quantities of

\r?\n> Bondo

\r?\n> used.

\r?\n> So, get out your magnets and lets stop the self deception.

\r?\n> Greg Softley DD (Decal Designer)

\r?\n> Coffs Harbour

\r?\n> Australia