[CR]Still confused about Cinellis

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From: "The Maaslands" <TheMaaslands@comcast.net>
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Subject: [CR]Still confused about Cinellis
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 00:03:13 -0400

Marcus asked about some build particularities of Cinelli bikes: "Steven Maasland had that correspondence with Andrea Cinelli regarding whether SC stood for Super Corsa or Speciale Corsa. I wonder if Andrea or someone else at Cinelli could shed some light on the subject. Steven, do you still have any contacts at Cinelli?"

Andrea confirmed that the Riviera frames were made under contract. Going by memory, I seem to recall that he told me they were made by Garlatti (it should be in the archives). The rest of the frames of the Cino era were built in house. None were built by Cino himself as he was never a builder.

With regards to sales, the large majority were sold out of their shop in Milan and abroad. They did not have an extensive dealer network in Italy. Once again going by memory, it was something like 10 dealers in Italy, all of which had some past personal ties with Cino. Andrea said that Cino did not want to create the impression that he was competing with his handlebar, accessory and tubing customers, so he only sold at exhorbitant prices. His reasoning was that anybody who was willing to pay his prices was buying his name and reputation only and wouldn't have bought something from one of his customers anyway. Andrea suggested that his prices were something like 20% higher than other 'similar' quality bikes.

Foreign sales were also much easier for Cinelli than most other Italian companies because of the family's language abilities. Cino's wife spoke very proficient English, French and German. Andrea said that in many years foreign sales accounted for 90% of sales. In Italy, in many years more bikes were supplied to individual riders as loaners or sponsorship than actually sold