Re: [CR]Bogus Campagnolo hubs?

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Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 10:39:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Ted E. Baer" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Bogus Campagnolo hubs?
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cc: Velostuf John Barron <>

Hi Bob,

These hubs are the real deal. The first pair I ever sold went for $400.-, next pair $375.-. Like Ralph says, they were made in the early 60's and are not pictured in any Campagnolo catalogue. Ever single set or single hub I have owned of this type shows the date to be either 1961 or 1962.

Most of the mid-size hubs that I find are fitted with the old Simplex skewers. Rumor has it that the mid-size hubs MAY HAVE been made in the Normandy factory in France FOR Campagnolo. But I am not an expert on French parts. Perhaps John Barron could be of help?

For the record, Mr. Ichikawa (hi-campy) purchased a set of the mid-sized flange hubs from me via ebay and was extremely excited about them. There are many undocumented styles of the mid size flange Campagnolo hubs which makes this subject all the more interesting.

I think Ralph's asking price for the hubset he is/was selling is/was very reasonable. I would have bought them myself had I not had a few sets stashed away.

These mid size hubs do not appear in any of the Campagnolo catalogs, nor is there any mention of them in the infamous Campagnolo Timeline.

I did see quite a few of these mid flange hubs at a recent swap. I was sportin' bank, but for some strange reason the sellers were coppin' attitude with me. I will never understand people who have stuff to sell and prefer not to sell it and or believe there is some sort of fortune to be made in the 80's/90's anatomic Modolo gum hood sales business. Live and learn I guess.

Ted E. Baer Palo Alto, CA

Via Bicycle <> wrote: This is for sure a Campagnolo hub. they are known as a "midflange"as they are not as tall as the Campagnolo large flange. they were produced around 1963-65 or so, or at least that is what the locknuts were usually stamped. they were prduced after the all steel hubshell gran sport hubs, before the all alloy ones. I assure you they are real, I have had at least a dozen pairs pass through my hands and even sold two pairs this year alone. They were a transition hub. I generally sell them for around $100-$125 a pair when I have them.

getting ready for my 400k tomorrow morning by CRing, ralph philadelphia, PA USA

On 5/11/07, wrote:
> An eBay auction just recently ended for what was described as a "Campagnolo
> Record 1968... hub". Item # 190109091965. I should firstly mention that
> this seller also used this same description in another auction for a pair of
> what were clearly Nuovo Tipo hubs.
> This single hub however was neither Record nor Tipo. The shell in every way
> reminded me of old 1960s Normandy "Sport" high flange quick release hubs,
> with small round drill holes, thin flat flanges and very plain poorly plated
> flat steel dust covers.
> However, this particular hub was stamped also with the standard Tipo-style
> Campagnolo winged wheel logo. Peeking at the commendable HiCampy Japanese
> website, he shows examples of similar odd hubs which he had discovered and
> essentially just notes that there were some diverse speculations about these
> dubious hubs among certain American enthusiasts, and simply drops the subject at
> that. In any case, this auction ended at under $30 and the winner was a
> familiar Japanese bidder who perhaps had made the buy for the hub's value as a
> conversation piece.
> Curious if anyone else had ever personally encountered what I would simply
> assume were cheap attempts at forgery, from some decades ago. You may wish to
> take a look at the auction photos while they remain posted. Again, that
> auction was # 190109091965
> Bob Hanson, Albuquerque, NM, USA
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