[CR]Tha Cat Knows ... !

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Subject: [CR]Tha Cat Knows ... !

... took one of my old broken-down projects into the shop the other day for something or another ... and one of the young kids said you must have a cat. she had rubbed up against one of the wheels ... the usual old road stuff ... and had deposited the well, usual cat hair/fur on the lower spokes. made for a fine give-away. ... anyway we got all that polished up. as for the wheels ... they could have been this, that, or the other. ... but, as long as they have DT spokes, she is a very happy "rubber".
robert clair
alex, va 22308

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Subject: [CR]All the WELL DESERVED praise heaped on the lowly, ALAN frame

> Garth,
> I got my ALAN in VG-Exc condition (its perhaps the #2 cleanest bike
> I've ever purchased) with the express purpose of 'parting it out onto
> my english steeds' because 'surely that aluminum fork isn't long for
> this world.' It came from a closed-down AZ shop and still had a
> pricetag of $995 (i paid about 1/3rd of that.)
> As a member of the bike-to-work committee for Sorrento Valley (San
> Diego's version of Silicon Valley), we organized a pre-bike-to-work
> day bike-show in 2004. Several of us brought in favorite bikes from
> our garages, to be seen by 500-1000 people at lunchtime.
> I polished the ALAN headlugs and campy parts for 2 hours to get ready
> for this bikeshow. My bike has a yellow-golden anodized tubes and the
> polishing caused the lugs to emit their own light ...
> Long story short, my ALAN stole the show. It bested a 1974 Paramount,
> a Gary Fisher classic, an Olmo, a Litespeed, a Rambouillet - boring,
> boring, and boring. In short, it stole the thunder of all those other
> retro and modern classics ...
> Six months ago I asked my 5-yr old twins which bike in the garage was
> their favorite of all the bikes. After 10 minutes of looking around
> at the 15 bikes on the floor, they said, "Daddy, it's the golden bike.
> My ALAN - the first prodution road racer under 20 lbs - has a special
> place in history, and in the hearts of men.
> - Donald Gillies
> San Diego, CA