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But, when you thow a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one that was hit!

Just in general terms, I'm not really even following this discussion. So I mean no offense to anyone!

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You are deffinitely reading too much into what I said. You are taking

it personal. You know my position on business oriented framebuilding

vs. the more individual approach of the hobby craftsman. I will

explain my meaning when I have a little time you give you guys the

answers you seek. Unfortunately I don't live with a computer at my

fingertips all day long. Wrote my post and left the house to meet the

guys and start work at 8am. After that, needed to get 2 new tires for

my car since the two fronts were bald. Done just in time to meet with

Pergolizzi and the BVVW until 10pm. Didn't get to eat all day, not

even at the meeting as was the plan. Made some soup and went to bed.

Full day of work today. Give me some time. There is no need to get

your panties in a bunch. I speak in general terms and refer to

principals related to general philosophies of doing buniness (or not),

and only a few people want to assign my meaning to someone in

particular. Why do you do that? No one else does, just a few people.

Someone at the BVVW meeting that had read it ask me what you were

talking about. He didn't read anything offensive or specifically

directed at anyone. I did tell him that I purposefully put just enough

juice in my post (come on, you guys know me by now, I always do)

knowing as always that a certain few are going to respond for some

reason. It's part of our little game. It causes you to invinte me to

explain what most people don't even have a question about, which as

you know, I'm more than happy to do. When I have time. Sorry for those

of you who are camping out by your computer waiting for an answer.

Full explaination forthcoming for you guys, since you asked for it.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA Never take anything I say personal unless I mention your name

specifically. If you respond because you feel the principal applies to

you, it is you that is naming a name, not I. I shall explain.

-- "Peter Weigle" wrote:

Brian, I am pleased also that you are excited about your new venture.

However, the ethics and quality of work you seem to be promoting, are


many of us have lived by and have hung our hat on for years now. I know you didn't intend to diminish our work,( I might be speaking

for many

of us out here) but it sure comes across that way.

As the public relations director for your co-op, it would be great if


could find a way to promote your venture,,, without dumping on the

rest of

us, some of your comments seemed a little insensitive.

Again, I know you didn't mean to do this, but I think your enthusiasm


the better of you.

Peter Weigle Trying to do my best in Lyme, Ct.

Snipped---we also intend to set the standard as a group who will be a beacon of upfront, truthful information regarding information relevent to painting and the art and craft of framebuilding. People everyone can count on to avoid heavy marketing campaigns and provide facts, live up to the standards we set, and not mislead the public in order to make the almighty buck.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and cute fuzzy animals,

I am both pleased and excited to announce to everyone that the newly formed co-op of San Diego based framebuilders and painters has become a reality. Within a few short weeks the paint and restoration shop will be operational and is now ready to consider selected paint and restoration work. There will be a slightly longer lead time during the early stages for completing work due to the remaining orgornizational tasks, but our focus and intent is to keep the quality of the work at the top of world class workmanship and the turn around time reasonable, considering the relative complexity of the job. We will be specializing in certain types of restoration (along the lines of my Vintage Cycle Studios work) and also will offer OEM paintwork to framebuilders under certain circumstances. Some will be regular accounts and others may prefer to send only special jobs to us based on special needs or specific customer requests. We aim to become recognized as the best that the paint and restoration business has to offer within our speciality.

Our pool of knowledge and available talents will hopefully set the standards for the industry. Each of the members will also be feeding and learning from the others, causing the growth and progress of each of our members to expand exponentially at an alarming rate. Not since the days of the San Marcos co-op (housing Kirkbride/Allen, Moulton, Tesch, Baylis, cycleart, and Confente had he not passed away) has there been such potential within a small group of bicycle artists and craftsmen. Each of us will be functioning as seperate business (except Carlos and I will run the paint business), but at the same time each will be helping the others gain resources, knowlege, and experience.

We will also be setting up a full machine shop where we can all learn machining for toolmaking, fixturemaking, prototyping, and framebuilding. This is very exciting for all of us and again will expand our horizions and abilities to produce world class bicycles and bike related products.

Eventually we will have space for guests to come and learn with us on a short term basis and probably teach advanced framebuilding skills and design, in addition to painting. Our first guest resident will be Jeff Lyon from OR who is going to spend 2 months with us this summer. We will be helping local aspiring framebuilders for a while and then expand to guests and students from other parts of the country. Jeff is a long time friend and had planned on this even before we got this thing rolling, so he goes first.

As a restoration company, Carlos Martell (Sir Maldoror) will be the director and manager of the co-op and the paint business. I will be helping and supporting as I focus on my own framebuilding duties and special product developments in my new workshop, once it is completed in late 2007 or early 2008. We are negotiating with new platers in an effort to keep chrome prices under control, but we still have a more than 20 year relationship with our local plater. A graphics department will be established once we get underway to provide restoration decals in certain situations. We plan to keep abreast of the latest trends in materials and finishing concepts in order to offer the most complete services in the business. Only the best frame repair standards will be used in our shop to insure that the collectables recieve the best care available anywhere on the planet.

Stay tuned for future announcements as to contact information and prices. Website forthcomming. For those who are attending the Cirque du Cyclisme in Greensboro, NC next month, we will have a special preview of what the future holds in the resortation business and the development of new artists and craftsmen in the custom frame business. There is certainly strength in numbers, and we shall prove it in due time. I'm too excited for words.

Current members of the co-op are Carlos Martell/ Maldoror Cycles (winner of "Best New Framebuilder" at NAHBS 2007, Chuck Slesinger of Saldilah(sp?, sorry I don't know all the proper spellings for everything just yet), winner of "Best Track Bike" at NAHBS 2006, Richie Ditta, future winner of Best New Framebuilder ;-) (2008?) and a very fine new builder headed for stardom, David Taitano Jr., yet to begin but possesing enough potential to get in on the ground floor of this group, and myself, an old dog who will certainly be learning some new tricks.

I hope at least some of you are as excited as I am about the potential of this organization. In addition to our work, we also intend to set the standard as a group who will be a beacon of upfront, truthful information regarding information relevent to painting and the art and craft of framebuilding. People everyone can count on to avoid heavy marketing campaigns and provide facts, live up to the standards we set, and not mislead the public in order to make the almighty buck. The industry, as small and insignificant as it is in the grand scheme of things, is frought with far too much of it these days. We hope to turn the tide towards integrity in advertising and promotions of one's work, for the benifit and sake of the public who is thirsty for straightforward useful information about a craft that has way too much "mystery" for the sake of keeping the public confused about what is real about what frames and framebuilding is really all about at this level. The builders also need this beacon they can depend on to help them grow and blossom.

Thank you all for reading this far. Let us all benifit and prosper in accordance with the actual merits of what we all seek to do. We shall exist for the benifit of all, not just a special few.

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA