[CR]John Marino / Mike Melton bike update and needs

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Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 19:33:57 -0700
Subject: [CR]John Marino / Mike Melton bike update and needs

Hello CR listers:

Some of you will remember my post about restoring John Marino's 1982 Great American Bike Race (RAAM) bicycle, built by Mike Melton with Huffy decals. Thanks to all of you who provided many of the parts I need for this!

What I still need is the following:

- Dura Ace EX/AX headset with the funky locknut. (I blew a great eBay opp for the headset on Saturday. Drat!)

- Silver Sedis chain

- Brooks Professional saddle (Not Team Professional, as is sold now.) Bill at Wallbike.com tells me that "At some point in the 80s Raleigh came out with a Team Professional bike and Brooks took the Professional (with 12.5mm rivets), put the extra-large 16.5mm rivets on instead and called it the Team Professional. Same exact saddle except for the rivets."

- Contact info for Mike Melton: I have sent letters to the two addresses I found for him in TN, which is where I'm told he lives, but to no avail.

- Somebody with an eagle eye to ID the rims and tyres on the original bike.

Photo of the bike in its original glory is here:


Thanks for your help on this project. I really appreciate it!

Chris Kostman