RE: [CR] Rare Campy Pista Chainring

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Subject: RE: [CR] Rare Campy Pista Chainring
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 20:47:07 -0700
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Thread-Topic: [CR] Rare Campy Pista Chainring
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From: "Mark Bulgier" <>
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Mark Buswell wrote:
> I don't know what the BCD is of this particular ebay crankset.

galen pewtherer wrote:
> > I don't know that the one pictured is 151 BCD, [snip]

Here's the trick to spotting 151 cranks/rings at a glance: Notice the space between the chainring bolt heads and the crank spider. On a 144 crank that space is almost nothing - about a millimeter - vs. 5mm on a 151. The crank pictured is 151.

Mark Bulgier
Seattle WA USA