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Subject: AW: [CR]Powder coating a frame.
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David and all, I have the same experience here in Germany. I have had various frames powdercoated with good results for real low prices (60Euros). I do not have a painter in my area which will be able to paint a frame in a nice and according way. Most carpainters will give it a try but I doubt it will end with good results. Here in the list I have got the impression that powdercoating is not an option since it will cover the luglines too thick and it is hard to match the right original colour. So for me powder coating is still an option for really old and beat up bikes which will be ridden a lot but not for those real nice collectible machines. I did it once with a Francesco Moser but the light blue is not the original tone and I lost the seatstay caps details. They are barely visible now. The frame was badly painted when i got it so the original colour was long gone so it did not matter. But if i would like to repaint my cinelli B (which is not necessary - thank god) I would send it to an expert. So riders bikes - yes Show bikes - no.. Finally---- I believe in riding all my bikes some more often than others....


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Thanks to the group for all the advice on this. I have spoken to the powder coater further and he is quite happy that he can protect the existing chrome.

As a matter of interest I was surprised to learn how economical powder coating is compared to respraying. Over here in England Bob Jackson's will respray a frame one colour enamel for 65 GBP and I believe Ellis Briggs are a little cheaper. Add for carriage and you end up with a figure of about 100 GBP. This is just for a plain respray, farme and forks (no masking), which I think is reasonable. The local powder coating company (highly reputable) will coat a frame for around 25 GBP. This is a considerable saving for an old-timer like me so I'm going to give it a try!!!

Many thanks,
Dave Peace

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the powder coater should be able to provide you with a heat resistant tape, i believe made of fiberglass. I use 2 different ones, a white very flexible and a blue stiffer.

for economy, cover the bulk of chrome with aluminum foil (not sure how this translates overseas, I seem to remember that you have a different term for it, it is a metal cooking wrap) and tape the borders.

David Peace wrote:
> I am wanting to have an old frame powder coated as a local firm can do
> this for me very economically. Does anyone know if there is any way of
> masking and protecting the existing chrome?

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