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Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 17:59:03 -0500
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I was taught early on to wrap from the ends to the top, counter-clockwise when looking at the end of the bar. I was told this was to prevent catching the edge of the tape, which I imagine would cause curling and unraveling.

Using this method, I've never had any problems as long as I kept the tape stretched while wrapping. This is with cork (my fave), foam, vinyl, cloth and plastic, bot with and without sticky tape.

Doland Cheung SoCal

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Could somebody please start a discussion of whether one turns the tape clockwise or counterclockwise when wrapping handlebars, and whether either direction works better on the upper part of the bars vs. the lower?

Oop, I think I just started that discussion. Any takers?

Emanuel Lowi Montreal, Quebec (where we are all relieved that bike is called a Sauvage Lejeune NOT Lejeune Sauvage, which would be truly racist!)

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