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Banania is delicious with my Aunt Jamima Pancakes or my Uncle Ben's Rice, certainly staples at the now defunct Sambo's Restaurant chain not too long ago. Enough already? Art Link,San Antonio,TX,USA

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George Hollenberg MD wrote:

"Whatever the merits of this bike's construction, considering the head-badge which appears to be from the disgraceful "Sambo" school of racial incorrectness, I doubt this bike would be displayed anywhere in any museum either in France or the US. Perhaps it's best relegated to the obscurity in which it has so long and so richly remained."

Banania, anyone?




http://www.velo101.com/actualite/default.asp?Id=5488&Section=elites1 (or http://tinyurl.com/36w8bx)

""On a retrouvé les premières photos de la participation de Banania sur le Tour, elles remontent à 1937, alors que le caravane a débuté en 1930. On a donc été une des premières marques présentes. Banania a été sponsor du maillot jaune de 1984 à 1986 quand Fignon, Lemond et Hinault ont gagné donc nous avons accompagné la dernière victoire française."

Mordecai Silver