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Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 23:57:06 +0000 (GMT)
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Dear David: Thanks very much for your e-Mail. It means a lot to me. It would be a privilege to meet you if you attend the next Cirque. George

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Subject: Re: [CR]Sauvage-Lejeune, the anti-Cinelli

> George:


\r?\n> Thank you for your politically correct comment. I mean that

\r?\n> quite

\r?\n> sincerely!!!


\r?\n> As perhaps one of very few African-American who is on the

\r?\n> Classic Rendezvous

\r?\n> E-Mail list, attended the Cirque two times and won an award last

\r?\n> year, and

\r?\n> have spent $$$ thousands on bikes (I just brought a Serotta

\r?\n> carbon fiber

\r?\n> limited edition MeiVici #20. I'll spare everyone the details

\r?\n> about the grouppo and

\r?\n> expensive accessories); I must admit that I raised my eyebrows

\r?\n> (both, in

\r?\n> fact) when I saw Sambo's name.


\r?\n> I have been told that discretion and cautious are the better art

\r?\n> of valor. I

\r?\n> do encourage the members who have the absolute best intentions

\r?\n> to be a tad

\r?\n> bit more discrete in some discussions to avoided being labeled.


\r?\n> 'Nuff said on my part.


\r?\n> David O. Cannady

\r?\n> Charlotte, NC by way of NY, FL, NJ, CT




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