[CR]Happy in the land of 2nd tier bikes

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From: "Howard Darr" <hdarr@localnet.com>
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Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 09:20:04 -0400
Subject: [CR]Happy in the land of 2nd tier bikes


!976 Serotta Club series. Did not have racing geometry and lugs were not as thinned as much. $100 less. Second tier? Yes, as far price and finish work but it remains the finest all around frame I have ridden. It races, first with Dura Ace and later full Campagnolo and yet is comfortable for all day loaded touring. TA Triple, Shimano Suntour and Huret Rear Rack. Panneirs and fenders.

Early 70's Zeus. The bottom bracket is interesting. The chainstay tubes as well as the seat tube and down tube are nicely mitered yet left a heavy seam on the outside. Affordable racing bike from the box.

Production Ross Signiture that got a best buy from consumer reports in the day. In its defense it is a great all around bike. Bought it for $4 at a yard sale. Threw away all parts and installed a mix of on and off topic shimano parts.

Raleigh Touring 18 Rough stuff geometry and now sports Suntour alpine gearing. 14X38 and 30X42X46 Factory front and rear racks. Cantilever brakes and nitto Moustache handlebars. WHOOPPEEE

Bottecchia not in the category of MASI but I really like it.

Maserati bike boomer Butlers Model set up as a single speed.

Cannondale at the edge of cutoff. Has to be the most fun push on the pedals watch it squirt bike alive. Come home after a long ride know your alive by the hand and shoulder pain.

After consideration I realized something, all of my bikes would be considered second tier or worse. Yet I am very happy.

If a first tier vintage bike came my way I would be tickled. But to be honest the First tier bike in my can't afford it but WOW would I be thilled is a Bruce Gordon Lugged Tourer with custom racks and all the bits on his web page.

Howard Darr
Clymer PA USA