[CR] Big THANKS to Sterling & Regina Peters!! San Diego BBQ Party Vintage Ride

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Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 00:38:42 -0500 (CDT)
From: <bikenut@verizon.net>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org, sterling@tns.net
Subject: [CR] Big THANKS to Sterling & Regina Peters!! San Diego BBQ Party Vintage Ride

Kind Vintage Bicycle Folk, This last Sunday was Sterling Peters ride & BBQ held at his home in San Diego. A large turnout (25+) of Vintage Bike Guys and Girls... The morning started with Davis and Chuck meeting at my home for the convoy south 105 miles. Got there about 9:30 am and the place was a buzz of activity. Before I noticed the dozens of doughnuts, coffee and juice I saw Brian Baylis writing a check and several tubular tyres in his grip and then saw the tubular tyres Sterling had for sale...NOS Vittoria CX's, a few Continental Comps and a lone Dugast. Needless to say the rest went home with me as well as the Mavic GEL 280 tubular rim the Dugast was mounted on... to go with a solo 280 I had at home. THEN the doughnuts came into view..... having to elbow in to survey the selection. After all had coffee and the belly-busters we convened in front for the start. Gian 'the fixer' Pergolizzi and Steady Eddy were already doing slow ovals on the street as folks got ready. The temp was just right for the leisurely ride up to Balboa Park and then through Hillcrest, Mission Hills, Old Town, Loma Portal, Fleetridge and then up to Point Loma. The climb up PT Loma is about 4 miles of steady go. We regrouped at the top, Pergolizzi and I tag teamed a tubular tyre change in nothing flat and then we were off for the face splitting downhill on North Harbor Drive (?) and then wending our way back to Sterling and Regina's home via Sea Port Village, thru the Gas Lamp Quarter and back up to Golden Hill.



The participants (as many as I can remember) in no particular order. There we're a few other local SD riders I didn't know-Sorry....


Regina Peters / Marinoni Sterling Peters / Mercian Fixed Wheel Brian Baylis / Bruce Gordon Carlos Martel / El Maldoror Chuck Schmidt / Dave Moulton Davis Jansen / Condor Steady(formerly Fast) Eddy / Eddy Merckx Peter Bruggeman / Bates(?) Ken Robb / Kirk Chuck Schlessinger / Casnave(?) Tony Bohorquez / Cinelli SC Charles (& Carmen) Andrews / Jack Taylor Tandem Tim Turnage / Eddy Merckx Rob and Christine O'Callahan / Co-Motion Tandem Randy & Julie Dugan / San Rensho & Schwinn Matt Gorski / Alex Singer Gian Pergolizzi / Frejus Fixed Wheel ??? / Blue Paramount Omar & Marta Firestone / Peugeot & ? ??? / Flite 800 ??? / Very tall silver '?'

A grand time was had by all. Pergolizzi did a Campagnolo factoid quiz...giving away lots of cool cycling bits. Lunch was great and a few wives and girlfriends joined for that led by Sally P! The time flew by too fast and after a visit by many to see Jim's Rolls Royce P1 across the street we started our journey's back home. Another GREAT ride and BBQ for the books!

Matt Gorski
Belmont Shore,
California USA