RE: [CR]E-Bay outing Stark frame

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Subject: RE: [CR]E-Bay outing Stark frame
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 10:36:22 -0700
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Thread-Topic: [CR]E-Bay outing Stark frame
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From: "Mark Bulgier" <>
To: "Chuck Schmidt" <>, <>

> > E-Bay Item # 330122658668

Chuck Schmidt wrote:
> 52cm (c-c) seat tube and 57cm top tube sounds like a custom fit for a
> very unique individual? Anyone???

Given the late (post-CR) date I'd guess it was built for cow-horn bars and a VERY long seatpost. A pursuit bike for someone who would normally ride a 60 cm or so frame.

Mark Bulgier
Seattle WA USA