Re: [CR]chainline difference between pista & strada REWORDED

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Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 07:15:19 +1200
Subject: Re: [CR]chainline difference between pista & strada REWORDED
From: "Wayne Davidson" <>
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Hi all, wow many thanx for all the replies, I've hot a bit of reading to do, but one thing I did notice from a couple that I have started to read, was, I have machined a set of strada cranks to be track, ie removed the boss from the area around the BB axle, the inner CR lip and for the inner nut on the spider arms, I have this mounted on a Pista axle with the CR in the outer position. So what I really want to know is, if I remove this crank, will a pista one give me the same chainline?, would be nice to know before I do change.......regards wayne davidson Invers NZ........

on 22/5/07 6:49 PM, Wayne Davidson at wrote:
> Hi all, if I was using a Campagnolo road crankset in a fixed wheel, would
> the outer chainring position be the same as a Campagnolo track
> crankset?.......regards wayne davidson Invers NZ.........