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Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 21:57:18 -0400
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How does Audiogon makes its money?

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina USA

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This site has eclipsed ebay as the web based marketplace and gathering spot for high end audio gear.

The interesting thing is that most sales are not auction based. Sellers post an asking price or best offer listing and let the buyers decide what to offer.

Internet based auction selling is so old school.

Nick Zatezalo Atlanta,Ga.US

Subject: Re: [CR]Is 'Bicycle Trader Classified' - another classified Idea need

Surely eventually Ebay will lose the serious collector and specialty niche markets to auction sites with expertise in-house. Ebay lacks the ability and even seeming interest in running a well managed auction site. If there was anyone knowledgable in the respective fields keeping an eye on the auctions running, virtually none of the scams it is plagued with could continue, most being dead obvious to anyone versed in the niche. All they've got going for them is their size- which admittedly is a lot.

The problem, it seems to me is, each niche can only realistically support one or maybe two online sales/auction venues. If one needs to search six or seven different sites to see the market in whole, few will bother. At least with Ebay's primacy, there's only one marketplace that matters which massively simplifies things for both buyer and seller. And even if one vintage bicycle sales/auction site emerged supreme among collectors, you'd still need to scan Ebay for those attic and barn finds sold by people unfamiliar with the market where the true bargains are often to be found. A site run and frequented by knowledgable, savvy collectors will be no place to bargain hunt I reckon.

Kurt Sperry
Bellingham WA