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From: "Anthony Bier" <scratcheduprecord@hotmail.com>
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Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 14:11:09 -0400
Subject: [CR]re: cinelli stem query

Thanks for the responses, I was talking about the quill bolt (which I call the binder bolt) as opposed to the handle bar clamp bolt (which I usually refer to as just that or the clamp bolt)... I guess it would seem more likely that the later 1R stems I have had (2) had the quill bolt replaced due to stripping if all the 1Rs had alloy bolts. They are nice to look at but as mentioned you really have to crank that clamp bolt.

Anthony Bier Vancouver, BC, Canada

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The Cinelli 1R was my stem of preference until the late-1980s, and every one I've seen had an aluminum binder bolt. Only problem I ever had with the aluminum bolt was stripping the threads - never broke one. 1R stems were fairly common around 1980, but had problems with the internal handlebar clamp - tended to break if tightened too much, and with the additional leverage of long time trial bars the clamp just couldn't hold bars tight enough. Pretty design, but not entirely successful.

Aldo Ross
Middletown, OH, USA

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Subject: [CR]Cinelli stem query

>Hello all, I have had an old logo cinelli 1R sitting in a box for a long
>awaited build, it has the patent number stamped on the underside with made
>in italy as well. Today I pulled the stem out for examination and much to
>my surprise it is equipped with an alloy binder bolt which appears to be
>original!! Nothing about this appears in the cinelli section of this site
>or the one which a link is posted to. Can anyone tell me how long this
>lasted? I assume the alloy binder was present at the introduction in 1973
>but how long before they switched back to steel? In my relatively short
>time in the VLW world I have not see another one of these stems, is this
>fairly uncommon? I no longer think this would be appropriate for a rider, I
>assume alloy binder bolts were short lived for safety reasons.
>thanks for your help.
>Anthony Bier
>Vancouver, BC, Canada