Re: [CR]de rosa on ebay

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From: <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 08:22:20 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]de rosa on ebay

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> Do I understand this right? He made an offer which the
> seller takes but wants it through ebay so he puts it
> at a crazy "buy it now" so no one but this guy will
> get it? If this is true, then we don't really know the
> selling price -right? DeRosa would probably make him
> one for $5000.

The seller probably didn't know that he could put a buy-it-now price on the bike at the "correct" price, and offer it only to the buyer. I've had people do that when their item didn't sell, they accepted my private offer, but wanted the protection that Ebay provides. That $5000 bill will incur the full fee too, so he didn't handle that real well, although assuming the buyer may have paid more than it was really worth, he made enough to cover his expenses. I'm happy for both the buyer and the seller--the both got what they wanted, the objective of every deal. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

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