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Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 07:34:04 -0400
From: "Edward Albert" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Anything for a free beer

You are a lucky man Mr. Green. But I would have gone for the Orval. Best, Edward Albert, who missed the Classics this year, in Chappaqua, NY, USA
>>> ray green <> 06/20/07 6:37 AM >>> I had an interesting time yesterday. Firstly I went to the Flemish litigation in London where I somehow managed to blag my way in. I spoke to Tony Doyle (winner of about 15 Six day races). Incidentally, with regard to Les Woodland's recent article, Tony Doyle was the king of the medium gear 25 mile TT. I believe he did a 56 minute ride on 72 inches. These events were early season so that is pretty nifty pedalling for March. I also spoke to Johan Museeuw who told me about his flax and carbon frames. he said they are 70% flax ! He said it is too expensive to supply a pro team but he supplies the best "Younior" (as in Yohan) team in Belgium. Despite his Flemish hard man image he has a squeeky voice just like David Beckham. We then cycled across London to an art gallery where there was a display of fairly recent black and white photos of Flemish cycling. Entertainment was provide by a great band all wearing old racing jerseys including the Champion of Flanders 1969. There was a great portrait of Brik Schotte when an old man. The large photos (800mm X1000mm) were on sale for £800 but one of Eddy Merckx wearing a Molteni jersey was £1100. As I couldn't carry it on the bike I didn't bother. Finally I topped up on a few bottles of Duvel 8.5% and then wobbled home.