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Charles Andrews outed his Grandis bikes that he has on ebay the other night.   He is offering both a men's and a mixte.  You can find them by d oing a search for Grandis.  Below is the excerpt from Mike Kone's Vinta ge Racing Bicycle Newsletter from about 12 years ago or so that I pulled off Sheldon Brown's website.  The price quoted then was about 10-15% premi um over many other Italian frames, but you can google the listing to see oth er write-ups yourself. 

The men's frame that Charles is selling was my frame for about 11 years.   The model is the Special Gran Prix. I date it to the mid-to-late 70s bas ed on a similarly engraved bike that was refinished by Cyclart for another c ollector (Keith Kessel in case someone knows him)  I have pictures of h is bike too if someone wants to see them.  It's a terrific riding frame .  The ride and the unusual cutouts and shape of the headlugs kept it i n my collection.  Only after I had moved toward collecting primarily U. S. builders did I decide to part with it.  It looks like Cyclart did a nice job with it.  I hope a listmember gets it.  Lou Deeter, Orlan do FL USA

"An Italian frame of the highest caliber. Not terribly well known. Branford Bike sold many of these in the U.S. during the early 80's. A classic Italian
   frame, very nice with S.R. components. Be wary, though, of examples on the small side - one frame owned by a friend was terribly designed - larger mode ls aren't known to have similar maladies. S.R.  equipped bike in guidel ine condition  should be   around $900. "