Re: [CR]Selling items on the CR List

Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 10:55:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Selling items on the CR List
To: Tom Sanders <>,
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I completely agree, Tom. An inquiry does not constitute a deal. I always feel the first person to say "I'll take it.", or words to that effect, should get it. About the only thing one can do to avoid hard feelings is to respond to questions about size, etc. as promptly as possible so the potential buyer is given the information to make a decision. If he delays making that decision and loses the item, that is not the seller's fault. The proverb, "He who hesitates is lost." applies here.


Jerry Moos

Tom Sanders <> wrote:
    I'm wondering if others on the list encounter this problem and if they may have some ideas on how to deal with it. I often get several enquiries when I have placed an item or items for sale. Then one of the folks who have made inquiry will write back and say something to the effect of "Great, I'll take it, where do I send the Payment?" A few hours later someone else who has made enquiry will write to say they want the item or to try and get a better price or ask further questions. When I tell them the item has sold they sometimes seem upset that their enquiry has not caused me to hold the item for them. I think folks need to realize that even if they have asked what size or condition something is in or how many of them a seller has, they have not bought the item, and it is still for sale. To my mind the person who tells me they will take the item for sure is the buyer. I am wondering if there might be a better way for me to deal with this? When I want an item and I am seeking to buy it, the very first sentence in my writing to the seller is usually something like "If the item is still available, I'll take it" or If that post is a 27.2 mm, I'd like it.". If I wish more information about the item and I have not made arrangements for the seller to hold it for me or something, I expect it may be sold in the interim if I am only seeking information. Am I perhaps a bit off base here? This bothers me a bit when the person who feels badly that they did not score the item is someone I know or have dealt with before. I am nearly tempted to tell everyone who writes that several people are interested and that the item may be sold if they do not act immediately, not as a sales gimmick, but to avoid having them being disapointed if the item sells in the interim. This would seem (to me) to be a bit unethical, though. What say you all? Tom Sanders Lansing, Mi USA