Re: [CR]need freewheel removal advice

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Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 21:35:52 -0400
To: Jay Sexton <>,
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Subject: Re: [CR]need freewheel removal advice

Jay Sexton wrote:
>Well boys and girls, I just did something so incredibly idiotic I
>can only laugh at myself, in a sad sort of way. In the past I have
>been amazed when I have seen or heard of somebody doing this same
>exact thing. How dumb can you get, I remember thinking. After 40
>plus years of working on bicycles I finally did it.
>Here goes, I'll just blurt it out.....I cut a hub out of a wheel
>before I took the freewheel off. There, I said it.
>Yup. Stupid, huh. Go ahead, laugh, get it over with......okay, done??

It took you 40 years to do this? It's about time! ;-)

Welcome to the club, there's probably nobody else on this list who hasn't done this at least once, and most of us sooner than you did!

Consider it a fundamental rite of passage.

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