[CR]Re: Fundamental Rite of Passage

Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2007 21:17:09 -0400
From: James Swan <jswan@optonline.net>
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Subject: [CR]Re: Fundamental Rite of Passage

I wouldn't call this one fundamental, but very much on the topic of "duping out".

When we were kids my buddy Wayne and I chased each other around the neighborhood on our Stingrays. We were really into doing wheelies. Later when we started riding "ten speeds" we got into riding longer distances but we still fooled around doing wheelies now and then. Later still we graduated to top quality bikes with 531 frames and Campy components, and we stated training and racing... But we were still goofy teenagers. One day after a ride we were cooling down in our neighborhood and we started doing some wheelies. So I was trying to really milk one even though I was getting way off balance. When I put my front wheel down it was turned almost 90 degrees. The bike didn't straighten out; the wheel folded, the fork folded, I went tumbling down the road.

Thoroughly embarrassed, I asked Wayne if we could tell everyone that a dog ran out and crashed me. He's a good bloke. Its over 30 years and he never ratted me out... Once or twice I was on the verge of doing something equally moronic and he has asked me if I was about to "hit a dog?".

And then there was the time I decided that it was time to stop pedaling just after I crossing the finish line in a full throttle sprint at a track work-out...

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