Re: [CR]Rite of passage

Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2007 06:02:50 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Rite of passage

Not sure whether this qualifies as a rite of passage for bicycling, but it involves a bike and it was a rite of passage.

Summers from the time I was in the 9th grade, I spent in Fayetteville, Arkansas where my brothers were both going to school and working during the summers. It was a good opportunity to "grow up" and experience a college town, particularly during the late 60s. I think it was when I was 16, between 10th and 11th grades, my brother and his buddy were sitting around the apartment one summer evening and they decided it was time to initiate me into their drinking circle. They fixed a pitcher of cherry kool-aid and poured a pint of cherry vodka into it. I proceeded to drink most of it. Then, I got on the 10-speed (department store quality) bike I had been riding for exercise and rode about 5 miles. Fayetteville is a hilly town. On the way back, the last section to the apartment is a steep hill. I don't remember much about the ride, but I do remember that hill being a bitch. I emptied my stomach of most of the fluids over the next half hour. :) Ah, memories. Glad I've still got them. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL USA. Have a great 4th of July

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