Re: [CR]Stronglight/Spidel Connection

Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2007 19:49:25 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR]Stronglight/Spidel Connection
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From: John Thompson <>

Jerome & Elizabeth Moos wrote:
> Sean Flores <> wrote:
>> Could someone explain the stronglight/spidel connection to me? Did
>> a google search and all that came up were a bunch of bikes and
>> auctions with the dual marquee.
> Spidel was a consortium of French companies formed in the early 80's
> to produce full gruppos to compete with Campy, Shimano and Suntour.
> Spidel never actually made anything, just rebranded the components of
> participating companies.

Actually, I think it was mostly a response to Shimano. The Italians had a similar consortium called "Ultima" which included Campagnolo and several other Italian manufacturers.

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