[CR]fOR SALE: Attn Peugeot connoisseurs! Mixte frame and men's bike

From: "Karen Birkedal" <birkparr@monarch.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2007 15:31:35 -0700
Subject: [CR]fOR SALE: Attn Peugeot connoisseurs! Mixte frame and men's bike

Greetings All, (hope I did this right and I apologize for the long email....)

Afraid this all new to me....been doing research on the net for the past year on information about, and basically any leads in finding a new 'home' for my 30 yr old (does that qualify as 'vintage'?) Peugeot 1972 male frame 10-speed and Peugeot 1979 (circa) mixte frame 10-speed bicycles. E-bay wasn't much help, so I thought I should ask all the cycling experts out in cyberspace if they had any suggestions......

I am the original owner; my first Peugeot was purchased in Canada during the 10-speed craze in the '70s and there were wait lists everywhere for 10-speeds. The female frame I purchased in Oregon while in university for transport to/fro work when wearing a skirt. God, does

this date me!!

These bikes have been stored in my garage basically since that era and my husband (Mr. Mountain Bike) is threatening to cast them into the dump. I can't bear the thought.

Being as we live in small community in northern British Columbia, CANADA, with no bike trails/terrain suitable for the slender tires and with the gear ratio so

obsolete (especially for the hill I live on), they have just been stored in the garage. We're more the 'mountain bike down the ski hill' kind of terrain/community/era. I need to find a good 'home' for these bikes, where they will be appreciated..

In investigating the options, it is clear that transportation costs/procedures from Canada to States is complicated and costly. As far as $$$ compensation goes, it is not so much a monetary issue with me, as I am not a expert or collector, I just don't want them trashed as they are in such excellent shape. An honest buyer will make a fair offer for these excellent Peugeot bikes.

Surely someone out there has an appreciation for these models? Some collector of bicycles? Museum? Movie props?

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Male Bike:

Original owner. Purchased bike in Canada, circa 1972.

Male frame is 23 inches.

All original parts except tires and handlebar stem.

Minor scrapes to brake handles.

Rear red light cover missing.

Needs a tune-up, but is currently ride able.

Original leather seat is currently on the female bike.

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Female Bike:

Original owner. Purchased bike in Walla Walla, WA in 1978-79,

Female frame is 21 inches

All original parts.

Needs tune-up but is currently ride able.

Original padded leather seat currently on male bike.

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Any help or advice any cyclist could share would be most appreciated. I can send more pictures directly to anyone interested.


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