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The 745/a & 746/a Nuovo Record cups are thick-walled with rifling in the axle holes, and the bearing saddles on the 744/a spindles are spaced about 5mm closer together to work with the thickwall cups. The Record cups are thin-walled with no rifling and the bearing saddles are spaced farther apart. They are not cross-compatible, but either will work with the Record crank.

There is no simple answer as to whether the titanium spindles are safe to use. It depends on a great many things, among them being: How much do you weigh? How long a crank will you be using? How stiff a frame will it be installed in? How hard are you on equipment generally? What sort of riding do you intend to do on the bike? How much and how long do you expect to be able to ride the part? How many miles are on it already?

These are the kinds of questions one should always consider before using any vintage part, especially one that is particularly lightweight.

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Hullo, What is the difference between the bottom bracket parts 746 & 746/A, 744 & 744/A, and 745 & 745/A? Or another way of asking what was the difference between a 1046 Record BB and a 1046/A Nouvo Record BB? Were the Super record Titanium BB's safe to use?
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