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God forbid a lawyer apologize for something.

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I made a boo-boo asking for a fair price on a Raleigh, and two list server members wrote me back (within seconds) and told me to write the CR list and "apologize." I read a lot here and don't post much, so my bad. But an "apology" is a bit much to ask. With that said, I will re-read the rules and comply with them in the future.

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Off-list, 'cause who wants to cluck at you on-list....

Phillip, as quick as you can, re-read the list rules you got when joining the list. They prohibit just the sort of request for an estimate that you just made. Don't take my word for it -- read 'em. There's a good reason for this, and a list master who's pretty much had enough of folks not reading the rules..... -- Dan Kehew, Davis Calif USA (Oh, yeah, you're supposed to sign off with your full name and location including country on every message. Read the list rules!)

On 7/11/07, Philip W. Moore, Jr. <> wrote:
> Can anybody tell me what a fair price in on a 8/10 condition Raleigh
> Pro with Nuovo Record? Be easy on my ladies and gents, I am a newbie here!