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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 10:03:31 -0600
From: "Mitch Harris" <>
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The logic for disallowing the practice of asking for price estimates is, I think, that it is unreasonable to ask the list membership-as-experts to provide an estimate when the list membership is also likely to be a primary market for the bike being estimated, whether it is offered here or on ebay. Should they act in the interest of the asker/seller and estimate high, or even fair, or should they act in their own interest and estimate low so they can get a bike at a good price? The rule is in place, I think, to prevent list members from being in this situation.

It's a problem anytime expertise is also the market, such as when someone takes an antigue to an antique dealer for an estimate.

Mitch "apologizing if that was too obvious rather than helpful" Harris Little Rock Canyon, Utah

On 7/12/07, <> wrote:
> From: "Philip W. Moore, Jr." <philip_w_moore_jr(AT)>
> "Can anybody tell me what a fair price in on a 8/10 condition Raleigh Pro
> with Nuovo Record? Be easy on my ladies and gents, I am a newbie here!"
> hi Philip,
> As has been mentioned, the practice of asking for price estimates is
> discouraged here on the CR list. Hard for me to say if this is good or
> bad for the list, but I'd guess that our little group might not give a
> complete or unbiased estimate of the market price.
> eBay may be the best source for market value. Not only do you find out
> how much was paid, but there are often pictures and text to describe the
> bike's condition. Other factors, like size of the bike, can be a big
> influence on the price! Raleigh Pro's are common enough that they do come
> up for sale on ebay now and then. Some bikes are rare enough that there's
> not much market data to work with.
> So... poke around ebay, see what's been sold, what the price was, etc.
> Then decide how much you want for the bike (or maybe you'll want to part
> the bike out??), put some pics on-line, and post a For Sale ad.
> Heck, if the frame is 24.5" c-t, maybe you'll want to e-mail me
> first! :-)
> I could use a Pro to park between my International and my Raleigh Team.


> regards,

> Steve Kurt

> Peoria, IL