From: "nelson miller" <nelsmiller@msn.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 15:28:52 -0700

Group: I am selling my old F. H. Grubb frameset. Freddie was a highly British framebuilder whose company eventually was gobbled up by Holdsworth. I bought the bike originally in England for some parts that I wanted for another bike, took off the parts and sold the frame. In my next conversation with the seller, he was aghast, and informed me that the bike was from the late 30's. (this I cannot confirm, but it had quite old components) Subsequently, the gentleman who bought it from me called and wanted to sell it back, including the new paint and "improvements" he had made to the frame. "Improvements" consist of 1) removing the single old style shifter bosses and adding two new type. 2) Adding a pair of water bottle braze on fittings on the down tube. and 3) widening out the slots in the rear forged drop-out to about 8 mm.

The frame was painted by Rodriquez Cyclery here in Seattle--- an excellent paint job in the original baby-blue colour. There is no chrome on the bike, and it's lovely new paint job is sort of screaming for an off white head tube and seat tube panel to be added, complemented with lug and box lining. I have all of the decals for it, with exception of the square "KRONOS plain guage tubing" decal. the lugs are not extra fancy, but are nicely filed. It has the lamp bracket on the right fork blade, several cable stops and pump pegs that are mounted on an angle on the seat tube.

I have a NOS headbadge that is not original. It is the same pattern and design as the original (which the other owner "lost"), but it is painted instead of the cloisonne that was on the orignal---- yes, real cloisonne with fired glass panels. It has the little oil port fitting on the bottom bracket.

Stats: 59 cm c/c seat tube -- 58.5 cm c/c top tube Front dropouts are stamped with long tines --- Rear dropouts are forged Agrati, with no adjustment screws.

This is a very good basis for an excellent example of an early British cycling machine. Photos can be had by requesting them from me at: nelsmiller@msn.com (I will be away from the computer from the 13th through the 17th, so please don't expect an immediate response)

The price is $350.00, plus post

Thanks for your interest! Nelson Miller // Seattle, WA // USA