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Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 18:12:48 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Herse collectors in Japan--Cyclotouring

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A couple of the guys/gals did take a 3 day ride last year, overnighting along the way.? I guess I would call that cyclotouring?but they didn't do the sleeping bag, tent sort of thing.? Jonathan, what are you doing in Washington state next month?? Is that cyclotouring?? Lou Deeter, Orlando FL USA

Lou, I'm not sure what I do is cyclotouring, unless rising from one pastry to the next is cyclotouring. It's more credit card touring. I don't think there is much interest in using bikes to go past the next county in this country. I wish there were. What I like doing is riding my bikes to places I've never been and on roads I've never ridden. I don't need a ride leader, or a fancy sag vehicle. All I need is a clean bed, shower, and enough change to pay for a several hundred mile cab fare if the worst case scenario happens :)

I remember a few years back looking at some pictures in VBQ and seeing some french gals on bicycles cruising the country and thought that looked pretty cool. One of the Riv readers a few years back also had a short article on bicycle camping. While neither of those publications changed my life I must give credit to both for my current interest in using the bike "to go somewhere". This fall and winter I plan to make several trips with only a small seat bag and Brent Harrell for company. We plan to make one trip by riding the Amtrak train as far north as we can stand to ride home in a 3 day weekend. If any cr folk want to join in I'd be happy to plan for more than a few of us. Central FL is great in the winter but I can't promise any sightings of french gals.

Jonathan Greene Oviedo FL

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