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I have been told that the reason we ride anti clockwise on the velodrome goes back to the earliest days of 'track' cycling when ordinary bicycles ie 'penny farthings' were raced on cinder running tracks, often at the same meet as the running and field events..

The track athletes went anti clockwise, and the cyclists followed that direction.

So why do track athletes run anti clockwise? That I don't know, however I have had it suggested to me that it might be related to the original Greek Olympics of ancient times.

Peter Tutty Londonderry NSW Australia (for just a few more days - then UK/France/Ireland for PBP etc)

ternst <> wrote:
    You guys just want to get me wound up. I'm with Andy on this one, my dad told me that it was thought because of the heart's position in body, seemed to be more natural. That's what he heard through the years.Don't know or have any hard data on this one. Maybe Michael's post about the German study about left directional wandering may put some credibility into our tradition of reasons about various and sundry things cycling coming through the years. The foto Aldo posted was a novelty race in the old timer's omnium. at Encino Velodrome in California, back in the '70's. It was very tricky, the guys wanted to lean the old direction and almost spilled! If you try it, it could be very dangerous, so that's my disclaimer. Ted Ernst Palos Verdes Estates CA USA t

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> (Ted might want to refer to this image from his presentation
> at Cirque last year)
> Aldo Ross
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>> > Ted Ernst hasn't chimed in on this one yet. If anybody
>> > would have the skinny, he would.
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>> > Jay Sexton
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>> >
>> >
>> > There doesn't seem to be any pattern to the direction of
>> > racing. In US, almost all oval tracks [for any kind of
>> > racing; foot, bike, motor, roller skates...] seem to go
>> > counterclockwise. Motor "road" racing in the US is
>> > generally clockwise (tho' I remember Upper Marlboro, Md.
>> > was counter but it included part of a banked oval).
>> > European motor racing is usually clockwise including
>> > closed road circuits like Nurburgring, the old bankings
>> > at AVUS and Monza, and open road courses like the Mille
>> > Miglia. The banked Brooklands track in England ran
>> > counterclockwise. English and American horse racing
>> > seem to run counterclockwise generally, but Longchamps
>> > in Paris appears to be clockwise. I cannot deduce a
>> > rule.
>> > David Bean
>> > Arlington, MA
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