Re: [CR]Markings on Normandy Competition hubs

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Subject: Re: [CR]Markings on Normandy Competition hubs
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 15:05:12 -0800

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From: "Jerome & Elizabeth Moos"
Subject: [CR]Markings on Normandy Competition hubs

My 1980 Peugeot PKN10E has it's original British-threaded Normandy Competition hubs with a single groove that is about 1.2mm wide. I'm using a Shimano freewheel now, so it's definitely English.

David Snyder Auburn, CA

> I've asked this before, but can't seem to find the response in the
> archives. What is the code for Normandy Competition hub markings for FW
> thread? I thought one groove in the hub body between the FW thread and
> the hub flange meant English thread, no grooves French.
> Sutherlands gives this interpretation for the marking on other hubs, but
> is silent on Normandy.
> My usual method of confirming hub thread is to first try a known French
> thread FW on the hub. If it tightens up after only a couple of turns, the
> the hub is English. If it threads all the way on by hand, with no tools,
> then it is a French hub.
> But I have a Normandy Competition rear hub with one groove in the body.
> I tried a SunTour French FW, which is clearly marked with "metric" and the
> thread dimension. It goes on several turns, although it does tighten up
> before going on all the way. The hub thread is in good condition with
> minimal wear. I've never seen a French FW thead this far onto an English
> hub before. Could I be wrong about the markings? Or were SunTour French
> FW's a bit "looser" than other brands? The hub is off a 1973 Raleigh
> Competition, which is more reason to believe it is English thread.


> Regards,


> Jerry Moos

> Big Spring, TX