Re: [CR]RE: interest shops/events in Great Britain/Ireland

Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 21:03:35 +0100
From: Hilary Stone <>
To: Mitch Harris <>
Subject: Re: [CR]RE: interest shops/events in Great Britain/Ireland
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This is now part of the National Cycle Museum in Wales. Will try and post some other suggestions but I am rather snowed under at this time.

Hilary Stone, Bristol, England

Mitch Harris wrote:
> Visited an very nice collection at a british cycling museum in Lincoln in
> about 1990. Nice vintage lightweights there. Does anyone know if this
> museum is still going?
> Mitch Harris
> Little Rock Canyon, Utah
> On 7/19/07, Nic Henderson <> wrote:
>> Hello Peter
>> The National Cycle Collection in Llandrindod is most certainly worth a
>> visit, it has loads of our types of bike there, Hetchins, Baines, old
>> Condors, trikes, old Bianchis, Paris, and lots or more obscure British
>> makes, in fact to many to mention, there's also a handy numbered guide
>> booklet which you hand back at the end of your visit which is useful. I
>> would show you around myself only I'm going away on Sunday for a week
>> and, believe it or not, getting married on the Tuesday! (off topic, lol)
>> One bizarre exhibit is Maurice Selbach's actual gravestone which was
>> rescued from Streatham cemetery with the permission of his family, a bit
>> creepy I thought, photo available if anyone wants to see it.
>> The 'British Cycling Museum', run by John & Sue Middleton, in Cornwall
>> is as good as the National Cycling Collection.
>> Nic Henderson
>> Newport
>> UK
>> Peter Tutty wrote:
>> This Saturday, I'm flying from Australia to Great Britain were I will
>> visit parts of England, Wales and Scotland before heading to France to
>> ride the 1227 kn (770 mile) Paris Brest Paris randonneur event. After
>> PBP I will return to England, then visit Ireland before returning home.
>> I'll be base in Luton north of London for some of the time, so here
>> are my questions?
>> Are there any particular must see CR/KOF Steel/Vintage related shops
>> in the vicinity of Luton and Northern London?
>> Anything as above in Great Bitain and Ireland generally?
>> Any Veteran Cycle Club or similar vintage bike events occurring from
>> 28 July to 13 August and 26 August to 21 September? Is there a VCC
>> member on the list who has this information?.
>> Is the National Cycle Collection in Llandrindod, Wales worth a visit?
>> Any other collections public or private, worthy of a look?
>> Thank You.
>> Peter Tutty
>> Londonderry NSW Australia (for another 40 hours anyway).