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Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 09:46:04 -0500
From: "Michael Skolones" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Japan
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I agree, for the most part. If the 'problem' became really bad, the places where the parts and bikes originate would pass restrictions. If I remember correctly, the British did this with classic British sports cars. Certain rare British classic cars were declared to be national treasures, or something like that, and their export is very restricted. The Italians, French, even the US could do the same with bikes, if this were deemed an important issue.

Besides, the Japanese might end up re-exporting them again some day. I'll bet they take good care of everything in the meantime.

Mike St Louis, Missouri, USA

On 7/20/07, Richard Risemberg <> wrote:
> Why all the worry about classic bikes and parts going to Japan?
> Unless it was one you as an individual was trying to bid on, and in
> that case it wouldn't matter who outbid you, would it? No one worries
> about a bike going to North Dakota.... I see links posted here all
> the time to listings on Italian eBay; do the Italians worry about
> bikes being sucked out of their country to the US?